The United Arab Emirates has grown fast. Ambitious, tireless and smart, the capital is fully realizing its goal in creating a world-class, sustainable destination of distinction; one that truly enriches the lives of both residents and international tourists. The aim for ‘Abu Dhabi Vision 2030’ is both social and economic; to make long-term, effective use of oil revenues and create a sound, sustainable and diversified economy; one that not only makes Abu Dhabi a great place to live in, learn from and do business, but also creates an environment that respects the past, while setting new, impressive standards for the future.

Abu Dhabi’s continuous, consistent development is characterized by an impressive combination of heritage, culture and modernity, interwoven to make the capital of the UAE a beacon for enlightened, sustainable development.

With cutting-edge architecture evident in every one of the iconic new developments, whether it is the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, built to unite the cultural diversity of the Islamic world, the Louvre Abu Dhabi rising from Sadiyat Island or the international destination of Yas Marina Formula 1 Circuit, Abu Dhabi can confidently offer something for everyone and anyone.

Abu Dhabi Quick Facts

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